Headquarter in Suzhou China

Jiangsu LTEC Electric Co., Ltd is specialized in the research, development and manufacture of low voltage and medium voltage reactor products for power factor correction system, as well as reactors for frequency converter. We can also provide you OEM and ODM services, and special product solutions.

Our core value focuses on technical competence and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the leading manufacture of reactor.

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is a proven tool employed internationally to address such requirement. The products have been certified by TUV Germany the CE directive and TUV mark approval, as well passed UL, GOST, EAC certification. In addition, our plant is qualified by annual audit by TUV. All goods are delivered under global quality standards.

The other production site in Taiwan

LEI TE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD (Taiwan) committees to measurement of power grid harmonics, harmonic analysis, improvement of power quality, as well to conducts re-measurement after installation on site. Over decades, our engineers have accumulated rich and valuable knowledge and experience from the site, in which many PFC components are involved  , such as capacitor, reactor, controller, SCR, contactor, passive filter and active filters, all these practical experience and technical knowledge guarantee the safe and reliable solution for customers.

Production Site
LTEC buliding



New Product: Air insulated MV reactor put into mass production


Completion of New building


Awarded UL certification, GOST certification and Applying KEMA test


Moved to new factory in Mei Gui Roadand Applying KEMA test


First time attended the Hannover Messe Passed the German TUV product certification and Applying KEMA test


Successfully changed the ownership to stock company New awards from Jiangsu province


Registered the trademark of LTREACTOR, Achieved many awards from Kunshan government


Factory moved to Kunjia road in Kunshan, Attended the EP show in China


Factory passed ISO9001:2008 quality system audit New awards from Jiangsu province


Began production of reactors for PFC market


Gene opened the factory in Kunshan

Export Areas


Since Mar.2017, LTEC was authorized by ELECTRONICON (Germany) to be the offical agent in China.


ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH (former RFT Kondensatorenwerk Gera) have been associated with the manufacture of capacitors in Gera since the late 1930s, when the SIEMENS organisation moved part of their production facility from Berlin to eastern Thuringia in the heart of Germany.

Continual development in its product ranges has resulted in ELECTRONICON becoming one of Europe's leading capacitor manufacturers supplying customers worldwide.

The ELECTRONICON system of quality assurance has been approved by the TüV organisation to DIN EN ISO 9001.