Active Harmonic Filter


APF possesses unprecedented comprehensive electric energy quality governance capacity and is capable of simultaneously eliminating harmonic within 2-50 orders. The filtering capacity can reach as high as 97% and above. The complete compensation time of harmonic with step change is less than 10ms. Parallel operation of multiple APFs can be realized simultaneously with the efficiency of overall unit exceeding 97.5%. APF is completely suitable for handling various conditions in industrial and civil fields. It is the best solution for nonlinear load harmonic suppression and reactive compensation.

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Specification Specification of module 25A 35A 50A 75A 100A 150A
Weight of module 20KG 25KG 30KG
Size and color of module W*D*H (rack type) 538*550*200 538*550*200 570*580*240
Size of module W*D*H (wall-mounted type) 580*240*550 580*240*550 580*270*578
Quantity of modules connected in parallel available < 15 modules
Size and maximum capacity of single cabinet W*D*H 600*600*2200mm (max 300A)
800*800*2200mm (max 450A)
1000*1000*2200 (max 900A)
Color Black (module); grey, national standard 7035 (cabinet type)
Input Working voltage 400V (-20% ~ +15%)
Working frequency 50Hz (-10% ~ +10%)
Power grid structure 3-phase and 3-wire/3-phase and 4-wire
CT 100:5 ~ 10000:5
Function Filtering range 2-50 orders
Harmonic elimination THDI<5%
Reactive compensation -1~+1 adjustable
Compensation of three-phase imbalance 100% imbalance complete compensation
Communication protocol Communication method RS232, 485, Modbus protocol, TCP/IP optional
Communication interface RS485, network access
Upper computer software Yes, all parameters can be set up through upper computer.
Fault alarm Yes, 500 pieces of alarm information can be recorded at most.
Monitoring Supporting each module’s independent monitoring/centralized monitoring of overall equipment.
Technical index Full response time <10ms
Active loss <2.5%
Method of heat dissipation Intelligent air-cooling
Noise <60dB
Sampling/control frequency 20kHz
Equivalent switching frequency 20kHz
Protection function More than twenty protections including overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection, overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection
CT installation position Load side/grid side, optional
Quantity of capacitor channels available for parallel connection Unlimited
Environmental requirements Working temperature -10 ℃~ +45℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃~ +60℃
Altitude <5000 m (when the altitude is above 1,500m, the capacity will be lowered by 1% for every extra 100m.)
Relative humidity <90%
Protection level IP20 (higher protection level can be customized.)
Relevant standard IEEE519, IEC61000-3-6
* Other specification are available upon request.

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