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We can provide special ODM/OEM solutions for you as following request:

  • Other system for low voltage (for example 110V, 208V, 690V) lower than 1000V

  • Other frequencies (for example 60Hz)

  • Other temperature rise(for example Class F or B)

  • Other types of outlet ways

  • Other linearity and inductance accuracy

  • Other resistant reactors

  • Special temperature protection switch

  • Special power of capacitor application request

  • Special environment situation (for example ambient temperature higher than 40°C or attitude higher than 2000 meters)

  • Special products for marine use or dirty environment

Our engineers have accumulated a wealth of experience from the field for many years, whether they are reactors, capacitors, controllers, thyristors and other components, or active and passive filtering devices, can provide a reliable solution. More than 1 million products have been used in industrial, medical, municipal, and real estate projects.

LV  Technical Manager

Mr. Rechard has more than twenty years work experience, being good at solving problems based on customer’s application on site. It’s good choice to work with Mr. Rechard and LTEC team can make out reliable solution and design perfect products according to you projects requirement.

MV Technical manager

Mr. Li has engaged in designing medium voltage reactor for more than twenty years and is familiar with different industries application, with rich on-site experience.

We can provide tailor-made service according to lighting impulse voltage, induced over- voltage, frequency and other requirement.

From the choice of linearity, to the control of temperature rise, the improvement of higher harmonics, the change of frequency, and the unique welding or outgoing mode.We can provide the best product customization.