Passive Harmonic Filter

T Square harmonic filter does not need power system analysis, and can be directly applied to reduce the distortion of harmonic voltage and current, and to avoid the resonance in the system. TSHF comply with IEEE-519 harmonic voltage and current distortion limits. It can solve the harmonic distortion problem, and provide a series  impedance to effectively suppress the voltage surge and protect the load, thus improving the overall power quality.

It is mostly applied to below types 6 pulse rectified devices. Customer can select the different harmonic filter according to actual current consumed by the power of the load.


  • AC Inverter

  • DC Motor Drives

  • Fans and Pumps

  • UPS Equipment

  • Elevators

  • Water Treatment Facilities

  • Diode or SCR Rectifiers


Technical data

  • StandardIEEE-519
  • Rated frequency50Hz/60Hz
  • System voltagerated voltage +/-10%
  • System impedance1.5%-6%
  • Design methodThree phase
  • THDI Target value<5%, 8%,12%
  • Ambient temperature-40 to +50℃
  • Elevation above sea level<2000m a.s.l.
  • Distortion rate<1%
TSHF Structure

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