PFC Controller

LTEC ELECTRIC LTJK Power Factor Correction Controller is a high and low voltage common reactive power compensation controller of dual-core MCU with DSP control, advanced software algorithms and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design. The controller can effectively and reasonably control the shunt capacitor bank switching, improve power factor, reduce line losses, and improve voltage quality.


  • 4.3 inch TFT color LCD, English menu.

  • Integrated Measurement chip in 0.2 class brings high accurate sampling voltage and current.

  • Control PF and reactive power together, brings high accuracy and no switching oscillation.

  • Display system PF, power grid voltage, current, active power, reactive power, transparent power, frequency and each step control status.

  • Display 2-49 times harmonics voltage, current content rate and charts.

  • Set parameter easily, no data loss while power off.

  • Strong record function, i.e. Record information and its time, monthly working times and monthly action times.

  • Judge and display over-voltage, under-voltage, under-current close, harmonic voltage etc, fast switching off capacitors while abnormal condition.

  • Set switch status and capacity of each step,automatically select suitable capacity to switch on/off.

  • Support automatic and hand switch on/off.

PFC Controller            

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