Shunt Reactors

LTEC shunt reactors are being manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system. By the use of shunt reactors the capacitive charging current will be compensated and the voltage increase at the end of the line will be limited. The efficiency of the power system will be increased by allowing the transmission of more active energy.


Shunt reactors are designed to be connected in parallel in inductive load systems, which can are used to absorb reactive power to reduce excessive voltage rise generated by line capacitance.

They are used where the inductive load is needed, such as:

  • In the long transmission lines and long overland cables.

  • In the test environments where inductive current is needed.

  • Reactive energy produced by UPS



  • To eliminate the surplus capacitive load in the long transmission lines and long overland cables.
  • Stop overcompensated
  • Prevent paying reactive energy cost and to provide energy saving

Technical data

  • Rated voltage (VAC)230V-690V
  • Rated frequency (Hz)50/60
  • Power (Kvar)1Kvar-150Kvar
  • Inductance tolerance0~+5%
  • Winding materialAluminum/copper
  • Dielectric testAC 50Hz, 3KV, 60s
  • Protection classIP00
  • Insulation classH 180℃
  • Temperature rise125℃
  • ImpregnationResin VPI
  • Cooling methodNatural air (AN)
  • Ambient temperature-25 to +50℃
  • Environ clim. And fire res.Class. E1 C1 F0
  • StandardIEC60076-6

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