Thyristor Switcher

Static contactors BGMD–ST are used for switching capacitors in 3-phase-systems. In comparison with contactors there are non- inrush current, non-contact noise when it is switching capacity, as well as very high turn-on frequency. These merits are through the triggering circuit, the thyristor, the diode tube, as well as some auxiliary circuits to realize. Especially suitable to use in the variation of load quick situation, can track real-time load change, realize the dynamic compensation.

Switching Switch Main Features:

  • Zero-crossing switching, no inrush current, voltage flicker will not cause network.

  • Optical isolation, anti-interference ability, fast response, (50ms).

  • No flow, no impact, will not cause network voltage flicker.

  • Integration, small size and easy installation.

  • LED lights display switching state.

  • Built-in cooling fan, automatic start and stop the fan.

  • Built-in over-temperature (80 ℃) protection.

  • Full cast structure, firm and durable.

  • Secure connection can touch technology, IP30.

  • Operation no noise, no mechanical wear, greatly extending the service life. The contactor device and compared with the traditional no flow, no no shock, no transition, no mechanical wear, no noise, real-time changes to follow the system load capacitor switching, without causing system voltage flicker , the product after a long run prove that the performance is stable, safe and reliable operation.

Thyristor Switcher            

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