What Makes Our Reactors Product the Best Choice for You

Superior quality

Superior quality

We take full quality from each step, from raw materal(material)inspection, semi-finished test,and final test. All processes guarantee LTEC reactors high-performance, reliable and long lifetime for our customers.

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German production equipment

German production equipment

The cold press welding machine is imported from Germany, which to some extense improve factory automation level, as well to maintain the best control of coil construction and reduce labor cost.

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International standards

International standards

ISO-9001:2015 Certification

TUV, CE,UL , GOST, EAC approvals

Products according to IEC and other standards

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Stable Supply

Stable Supply

LTEC keep sufficient raw material and produce regular size of harmonic reactors in stock to guarantee the stable supply and on-time delivery to customers.

For some urgent cases, prodcution time can be reduced to two weeks.

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LTEC detuned filter reactor have features of highly linearity, high over-current capability and low losses. Vacuum impregnation by special resin provides better insulation , high voltage stress, low noise and long lifetime. The number and position of air gaps are selected in order to minimize the power loss. Low and Medium voltage reactors are equipped with thermal protection to prevent over-heating.

Cost-Effective OEM/ODM Services

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In-House Manufacturing

We have our own manufacturing facility with over 20,000㎡ of workspace and a committed workforce of over 100 skilled staff.

Flexible Customization

We can customize products that belong to your power system, from linear selection to temperature rise control, higher harmonic improvement, frequency change, or unique welding or outlet.

Stable Quality

Skilled worker, strict quality control, market-approved design and advanced technology can ensure good and stable performance of LTEC harmonic reactor.

LTEC Reactors In Field

  • Elevator / Lift / Crane
    Elevator / Lift / Crane
  • Factory Automation
    Factory Automation
  • Power Quality / Harmonics
    Power Quality / Harmonics
  • Electric Vehicle
    Electric Vehicle
  • Wind Power / Photovoltaic Industry
    Wind Power / Photovoltaic Industry
  • Rail and Transportation
    Rail and Transportation

Headquarter in Suzhou China

Jiangsu LTEC Electric Co., Ltd are specialized in the research, development and manufacture of low voltage and medium voltage reactor products for power factor correction system, as well as Medium voltage reactors for frequency converter. We can also provide you OEM and ODM services, and special product solutions.

Our core value focuses on technical competence and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the leading manufacture of detuned reactor.

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Jiangsu LTEC Electric Co.,Ltd